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During free introductions to meditation at Zen Kannon, Zen monk Lluís Nansen gives a basic explanation of Zen and how to practice zazen meditation. The introduction ends with participation in a complete session of Zen meditation.
Zen meditation is a practice that helps us to discover the natural behavior of the mind, which does not generate suffering. By these means we can be liberated from the constraints and mental habits that generate feelings of anxiety and fear, or states of stress and depression. This detachment leads to a state of calm and inner peace, in which we can fully live the present moment.
Zen meditation is a practice based on ancient tradition that has been tested and improved over the centuries by teachers and wise men of extraordinary quality. Conducted under the supervision of a teacher, and in the company of other practitioners, Zen practice contains all the necessary elements to reverse the behavior of the common mind, which is what generates suffering.
Introductions begin at 19:00h and end at 21:00h. We recommend that you arrive at 19:00. Bring comfortable clothes to sit cross-legged. Book your introduction session by completing the form on this page or send an email to

Reservations are required.

Dojo Zen | Budismo Zen en Barcelona | Free Introductions
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Dojo Zen | Budismo Zen en Barcelona | Free Introductions

Perfecting Meditation

Workshops for perfecting meditative posture, attention to breathing and mental attitude.

Dojo Zen | Budismo Zen en Barcelona | Free Introductions

Zen Mindfulness Training 

Mindfulness course based on the Zen tradition: 7 sessions during 2 months.

Dojo Zen | Budismo Zen en Barcelona | Free Introductions

Zen Studies Program

Zen courses and workshops. To understand the experience is to value practice.

Dojo Zen | Budismo Zen en Barcelona | Free Introductions

Retreats and Zen Days

Harmonizing Zen mind with everyday life. Intensive practices. Retreats in the countryside and in the city.